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Only God can judge me

I'm universal. Except hip - hop

Skinny jeans & Shirts.
No fluffy dresses.

Let me make this clearly --> I'M NOT A SMOKER!

You can't say that I'm arrogant, you don't even know me at all.
But I'm kinda vicious and I'll never stop.

People, I'm not perfect and so do you. I can be two times more cruel WITH the person who've been previously mean towards me. If you're jealous with what I've achieved, I hope you don't have a nose cause I'll be farting right on it. I've had enough of your ridiculous "blablabla". Try to achieve your own glory, make your own story and make people proud of you. Success is never found. Failure is never fatal. Courage is the only thing.
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Monday, December 6, 2010


Terperap dalam rumah tengah duk pikir ada 2 orang awek chumel sangat2 duk ngorat aku...tgh pikir yang mana satu aku nak wat teman hidup, sorang chumel, cute tapi seksi...sorang lagi chumel, kiut, seksi sikit je...aduh ikut hati mmg la aku amik yang seksi wakakaka!!! Tapi yang tak seksi tu pun aku tgk leh tahan jugak die punye perasaan tu kat aku...pe aku boleh buat..time aku tgk pic yang seksi tu dalam facebook dia...Ya ALLAH! Ramai bebenor lelaki yang kuat sangap komen...sumenye gatal butoh..bodohnye la lelaki ni kan..memalukan kaum je..kenapa nak komen yang gatal2? Takleh ke komen biase2 je...aku nak komen gak, tapi tak amik port la kt kaki2 sangap tu...aku komen kt pic arnab die...aku ckp "Chumelnye arnah..kiut..<3 it" .... wakakaka!!!....

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