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Let me make this clearly --> I'M NOT A SMOKER!

You can't say that I'm arrogant, you don't even know me at all.
But I'm kinda vicious and I'll never stop.

People, I'm not perfect and so do you. I can be two times more cruel WITH the person who've been previously mean towards me. If you're jealous with what I've achieved, I hope you don't have a nose cause I'll be farting right on it. I've had enough of your ridiculous "blablabla". Try to achieve your own glory, make your own story and make people proud of you. Success is never found. Failure is never fatal. Courage is the only thing.
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Karaoke dengan adeq ankat =,="

Ari tu aku first time karaoke dengan adeq ankat aku yang POMPUAN. Aduh mau tak nye malu. Ye la suara aku ni bukannya best macam kuda merenggek kan...just biasa2 je..biasalah aku ni kan vokalis dalam tandas :)....camne pun aku buat sportin je bila satu bilik gelap dengan adeq ankat aku...aduh bilik gelap bai...nseb bek nafsu tak smpai, kalau tak mau tak nanya adeq ankat aku tu...otak still waras..yang aku nak gelapnya time aku nyanyi lagu Escape the Fate - There is no symphaty for the dead.... lagu tu duet..jadi kena lah nyanyi dua-dua dengan adeq ankat aku...yang aku nak gelaknya suara dia tak sampai dowh..biasalah lagu tu bukannya lagu jiwang...screamo tu..mau tak pecah suara dia... 

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